About Us

About the Company

Tapp Solutions helps Life and P&C companies automate Sales, Claims and Inspections using Mobile Apps. Using our custom Apps, Insurance companies can sell higher quality policies faster,  collect payments anywhere, and complete more inspections with less work. Our signature products include TAPP (e-App with e-Sign), Inspection App, Rate Calc Mobile Premium CalculatorMobile Apps for Agents, RIP (Rapid Indexing Program) which rapidly converts policy applications on paper to electronic data, and migration services.

Tapp Solutions, LLC was founded by Michael Potter in 2011 in Atlanta, GA.   Michael has over 20 years of experience in Insurance software technology. Previous to 2008 he was Vice President of Information Systems at Life Insurance Data Processing Inc of Woodridge, IL.  In 2008, Michael started his first IT consulting company in Chicago, IL. Business grew at a very healthy pace since the beginning. We now service clients in US and Asia.

As the demand increases for mobile apps, Michael founded his second company, Tapp Solutions, specifically to provide solutions to Insurance companies and their agents.  We have built a strong team of on-shore and off-shore programmers to provide the most cost effective services possible.

Our clients include Columbian Financial Group, Liberty Bankers Life Insurance, National Guardian Life Insurance, Settlers Life insurance, Capitol Life Insurance Company, Insular Life insurance Company.  Reference available upon request.

Please call us at 404-618-0606  or email : info@tappsolutions.com to discuss how we can help your agents be more productive,  and reduce your home office processing cost with our cutting edge products.

Our Clients

  • Assurant
  • American Benefit Life Insurance
  • Capitol Life Insurance Company
  • Casualty Corp of America
  • Columbian Financial Group
  • Government Personnel Mutual
  • Insular Life Insurance Company
  • Intoxalock
  • Liberty Bankers Life Insurance
  • LIDP Consulting
  • National Guardian Life Insurance
  • Royal Neighbors of America
  • Settlers Life Insurance

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