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We specialize in Enterprise Solutions for Insurance Companies. In the past 30 years, we have provided IT innovations for life insurance companies across the United States. Our goal is to provide creative and innovative solutions to your business, with an emphasis on simplicity and reasonable cost. We are looking forward to speaking with you.


ALIS Migrations Whole Life and Term Migration

In 2013, we assisted in the migration of 210,000 policies from QLAdmin to ALIS XBase. Created and/or maintained all scripts that generate XBase and metadata files. In addition to the scripts that converted the data, also implemented a) a Client name standardization, b) a Client address cleanup using USPS approved methods, and c) an extensive set of validations to identify problematic data. Final Expense Migration.

Year 2009 – 2010, we assisted with the migration of 170,000 final expense policies from a home grown system into ALIS. Part of our responsibilities was to automate the running of the migration, identify and fix performance problems, and trouble shoot migration issues.

Agency Migration to ALIS

The conversion was to convert 40,000 agents from LIDP into ALIS. Our expertise with LIDP’s “The Administrator” ensured the success of the migration. We were the sole developer on the portion of the project that created the XBase for importing into ALIS.

Agent Portal for ALIS

Coinciding with Final Expense Migration, we  coded several key components of an agent portal including a) commission statements in several different formats, b) policy search and retrieval screens, c) Commission check explanation summary screen, and d) pending application status spreadsheet. These projects required reading the ALIS database.

Image Indexing

Designed and implemented a front end for image indexing we call RIP, Rapid Indexing Program. RIP can be configured to interface to ALIS to a) assign application ids for new applications, b) validate agent number and agent name, c) trap potential duplicate applications based on SSN, and d) trap missing required forms.

Mainframe Migration

Successfully assisted on three mainframe migrations. We moved the legacy system, “The Administrator” from IBM Mainframe to UNIX.

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