TAPP (e-App with e-Sign)

TAPP (E-App with E-Sign)


TAPP stands for Total App. It is our proprietary platform for building electronic applications and forms to replace paper processing. The modular design allows for cross-industry application, as the modules can be mixed and matched. For instance, the medical offices can choose modules that take comprehensive medical history; while insurance agencies can choose modules that take abbreviated medical history suitable for underwriting.  The modular design offers flexibility in customization, as well as reduced costs as a result.

Additionally, by choosing modules that do not requite internet connection, an offline process can be created. This will enhance user experience regardless of the internet connection quality. Excellent for users on-the-go.

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With a comprehensive set of features built-in, TAPP is the first step in straight-through processing:

  • Premium calculation.
  • Reactive entry of policy holder information providing a iPad experience rather than a web page experience.
  • Display of printable forms
  • Signature using stylus or integration with third party e-signature solutions.
  • Geotagging for fraud prevention.
  • Payment options including credit card and taking picture of check.
  • Reactive Medical Questions
  • Delivery of application images for imaging system.
  • Delivery of meta data to start straight through processing.

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