Product Selector (with Agent Portal) Mobile App

Product Selector Mobile App


Product Selector, along with Agent portal add-on, is a new mobile device application for life insurance agents and home-office staff to calculate quotes for life insurance products. Using the latest techniques in mobile development, we create cost effective custom mobile applications for your insurance products. You will be able to accommodate all your agents because our applications run on iPhone, iPad, Android, Windows, Mac OSX and Linux. Launched from an icon on your screen, Product Selector app does not require connection to the network.

Click to download marketing sheet for Product Selector. You can also download a video demo of it by clicking here.

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Compatible with:

Android 4.2+


iPhone, iPad, iPod Touch, iOS 8.4+



Window 7+

MacOS and OSX 10.8 +


Desktop application calculating the available funeral cost for a client who can afford a $200/Month payment.  They have requested the Waiver of Premium option.

iPhone/iPad application calculating the quarterly payment for a $10,000 funeral.  Note that Waiver of Premium is not available in Alaska, so the slider is turned off.