Inspection App

Claim inspectors  and adjustors are all ways on the go, taking many photos of damages, and making notes. After all day in the field, they have to return to the office, organize hundreds of photos and write claim reports. Not only this slows down the inspection process, it creates a backlog of image processing, unfinished claims and customer complains. The bottle neck is clearly in slow, labor intensive processing of photos. Our Mobile App – Mr. Inspector solves that problem. It’s easy to use, secure and mobile. We can customize it to work with your claim systems.  For a video demo and reference, please email us at




See a sample inspection report here (.pdf download).  We can customize the report format to fit your business, including adding your company logo, name, artwork, checklists, barcode, signature line, etc.


What is Included
  •    Customized System Configuration
  •    Customized Underwriting Questions
  •    You have full and sole control of your    inspections and data
  •    Add a barcode and import it directly into system
  •    Pictures with labels
  •    Goole Map of Property
  •    Your company logo and colors
  •    Full Offline capability
  •    Upload to DropBox, ftp or specialized    servers
  •    Encrypted or non-encrypted data transfer
  •    High resolution pictures with annotations
  •    Incoming data items
  •    Upload .PDF, .JPG, and /or .XML format
  •    Help Desk Support 9 am - 6 pm EST
  •    Expedited Help Desk Support 24x7
  •    Price
  •    License and Custom Installation (One-Time)
  •    User Setup (One-Time)
  •    Maintenance Support
  •    Cost per Inspection

  • Less than 1000 inspections per month
  • $25,000
  • $100 per user setup
  • $250/month
  • $1 per inspection

Priority Business
  • More than 1000 inspections per month
  • $35,000
  • $100 per user setup
  • $350/month
  • $0.8 per inspection
Frequently Asked Questions

Q: You offer optional encryption. How strong is the encryption? 
A: We use AES256 (Bank Level) encryption on the uploaded package. In addition, the package is uploaded over https.

Q: Isn’t encryption important? Shouldn’t it be always on?
A: Some company’s inspections do not contain sensitive information such as SSN so they feel comfortable avoiding the complexities of encryption/decryption. Despite not being encrypted the inspections are always transmitted over https so they are never exposed in the clear on the wire.

Q: How do I pick between Dropbox, SFTP, and Tapp Solutions Server upload? 
A: If you already have a SFTP server, then we can configure to upload to your existing server. If you need to get the app running in short time (in a few days), then you can configure a Dropbox account and upload to it; in fact you can start out with Dropbox and migrate to another method later at no additional charge.

Q: Someone told me you support FTP, isn’t that insecure? 
A: People often say FTP as short hand for Secure FTP (SFTP). We only support Secure FTP and will not offer an option that will upload to unsecure FTP.

Q: Are the inspection report uploaded to Tapp Solutions servers or our servers?
A: The inspection reports are uploaded directly to the companies servers.  They do not pass thru Tapp Solution’s Servers.

Our Inspection App is fully customized to import photos and data directly into your existing claims system, giving you 100% control of your claim processing and data security. Contact us today for a product demo :, call 770-815-6142 or send us a message.

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