iPhone Apploader

iPhone AppLoader

What is it

Apploader is a iPhone and iPad app that allows Agents to submit applications without going back to the office.

How does it work

Using this iPhone/iPad app,  agents take photos of each page of the insurance policy application, then securely and wirelessly upload them to the home office from this iPhone or iPad. When the upload is finished, the photos are automatically deleted from the phone. Over the server at the home office,  the documents are then processed as though they were faxed in.  Please see a video demo below


It eliminates the use of a fax machine for transferring policy application from the field. It saves the agent’s time and money, and provides convenience.

2. As an additional feature, the agent can also upload scanned .pdf files from his desktop using a browser.

3. Files are uploaded to company server securely. More secure than email and fax because it is uploaded via https.  By providing Apploader and browser upload your insurance company will offer agents a secure alternative to emailing sensitive data.

4. Insurance applications can be processed by imaging system as they come in to the server. It helps improve efficiency in issuing policies at home office.

5. Having this mobile app will greatly enhance the high-tech image of your company.

6. Can be customized for your company,  and to work with your existing imaging systems.