Tapp Software

Tapp Software was initially designed for Columbian Financial Group (CFG). Business volume at CFG had increased to the point where their current Vignette Imaging Client (VIC) image handling systems was not adequate. Having worked with CFG on several projects, Michael Potter, the founder of Tapp Solutions, recognized an opportunity. Michael and his team quickly went to work and in few short months installed the first version into production.  That application is called Tapp. In subsequent months the team worked to enrich the features and usefulness of Tapp.

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What is Tapp Software?

Tapp software is “Rapid Document Indexing for Insurance Companies”. Tapp software allows home-office personnel to rapidly convert a large amount of incoming paperwork, such as faxed and scanned applications, into indexed documents for automated retrieval and processing.

How it works

  1. Tapp watches for incoming images from scanners, fax servers, incoming FTP, then notifies users immediately.


2. The user quickly classifies each page with a simple menu.



3. The user is prompted for the information relevant to the selected page.

4. The user corrects severe errors, and corrects or overrides warnings.

5. The user submits to the archive system or saves documents for merging corrections later.




Plugin Architecture —  Allows rapid customization to conform to  your business practices without the need to change Tapp’s core components.


Validation Checking– Validations performed in real-time as data is entered and  errors are flagged for immediate user correction. Validation rules are  customizable.


Webservice Enabled– Web-service APIs enable retrieving, auto-populating, and validating data from existing back-end systems to minimize application processing time and errors.


Full App Entry

Tapp is flexible enough to be configured as a replacement for existing full application entry processes.  Because Tapp is configured to mirror your paper applications, you achieve efficient data entry.

Source Code Available

We provide source code access for clients whose requirements may exceed the capability of our current plugin architecture and must develop in-house.

Merging Corrected Pages

When applications are faxed in they sometimes have errors that need to be corrected.  Tapp allows merging of the corrected pages and controlled deletion of the incorrect pages.  Tapp maintains a complete history of every page’s origin.


System requirements: Windows XP and newer, OSX, and Linux. Tapp runs on the JVM and can be installed as a single jar file or through the webstart framework. Tapp works best with two monitors; for testing and incidental work one monitor is sufficient. Memory requirements depend on the number of pages in the documents to be processed; CFG configures Java to use 768 MB.

Call Michael Potter today at 770-815-6142 and find out how Tapp Software can speed up your application processing  and lower your cost. Email : Michael.Potter@tappsolutions.com . Reference available upon request.