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Why Voice Sign Service?

Due to an increase in demand from our clients’ agents needing to sign contracts without home visits, we are now offering a new service - Voice Sign, to help insurance agents sign contracts remotely. This is both an investment in your business and your agents’ success.

What is Voice Sign Service?

The goal of this system is to collect a voice signature from an applicant while allowing the agent to work from home, with a minimal amount of equipment. This helps optimize sales when the agent and client can not meet face to face to sign the contract.

How does Voice Sign work?

The service is easy to use. At the appropriate time in the sales process, your agents will connect to our Voice Sign service by a conference call and read a prepared script. The client will then give their verbal agreement and a recording will be automatically associated with the client’s application and uploaded immediately to the company. The agent only needs a phone for the sales call, and a cell phone to receive confirmation text messages.

How quickly can I get a Voice Sign working for my company?

Within a few days if your business process is simple. More customized process takes a few weeks. We provide full implementation from start to finish. So it is all done for you without you having to deal with technical work.

How do I get more detail on scope and price?

There is no long-term contract needed to acquire this service. To get started, contact us at info@tappsolutions.com today! We’ll be happy to show you how this one solution can help your agents continue to help their clients safely and securely.

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